Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Best Practices Analyzer for MOSS and SPS V3

Extended search interface for MOSS

Currently I´m evaluating the beta version of Ontolica search solution for MOSS. The web parts enables us to have quick search shortcuts and do additional filtering based on file extensions and content type. Currently in beta, but scheduled to be released in June.

Other search UI extended web parts will also be reviewed in this process. Watch this blog for more info.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

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Find It All with SharePoint Enterprise Search

Heads up for RSS web parts in MOSS

I noticed a design change in MOSS 2007 from the beta releases. The RSS web part can only consume feeds from anonymous lists or when using Kerberos (instead of NTLM). Search for "RSS Web Part"

I suppose this opens for third party RSS web parts (again)

// Henrik

How to add a User Information lookup field with code

One of our developers asked me a question about adding a lookup field to the "User information" list with code. The "Add" method of SPFieldCollection wants a Guid for the destination list, but the "User information" list is not a SharePoint list. The solution is to use the "AddFieldAsXML" and submit a field XML instead.

SPWeb web = GetContextWeb(Current) 'Or whatever method used to acquire this object

SPList list = web.Lists[<listname>];

list.Fields.AddFieldAsXml("<Field Type="User" List="UserInfo" ShowField="Title" DisplayName="<FIELDNAME>" Name="<FIELDNAME>" />");

Verified for: WSS v2, SPPS 2003

Friday, 16 March 2007


My first post! Well, this blog will be my daily scrapbook and an adventure into 2.0 (finally). This blog will mostly contain job related postings, so no more mass-mail to my colleagues ;).

For a more personal touch go to my familys blog.
// Henrik