Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Off topic: New hardware arrived

The quest to get rid of the media plastic (CD/DVD) continues. Today a Popcorn Hour (PCH) got installed and hooked up to the TV. The PCH will read video files from the MCE, show pictures and sometimes play music. But it also comes packed with web services and other features. So now we can enjoy all lunatics on YouTube and Google Video, use the built-in Torrent client, and use the PCH as NAS if needed, read RSS feeds in the living room and so on. And whenever we decide to get a HD TV the PCH can playback HD movies directly.

So a quick summary: one MCE with touch screen in the kitchen which holds all media and for kitchen TV and sound, one SqueezeBox 3 for music playback and Internet Radio and now a PCH for movie playback and other online goodies.

The nice thing with all the hardware is that the vendors provide a possibility to add software and extend the OOB experience.

Which I´m most impressed with? The SqueezeBox was a really nice experience, mature product, easy to install, works OOB and can be enhanced with modules from the SqueezeBox community.

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