Monday, 24 September 2012

Claims, forms and the root site

If you have a web application configured with claims (in this case with Windows authentication) in SP2010 and want to use People Picker control in an Infopath form. Make sure you have a site collection at root (http://nameofapp/) which all users atleast have read access to.

I got the following error in the event viewer if the root site collection is not created and readable for all users:

"an exception occurred in ad claim provider when calling spclaimprovider.fillsearch(): access denied.."

You can also set the ULS category "General" for "SharePoint Foundation" to see this behaviour.

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Erik said...

Thank you, thank you!!! I have been fighting this problem for many days nwo. I was diving into our custom claims provider, domain setup, certificates etc, and had no idea that all of the users needed read access to the root site.

This helped me a lot! Thanks again!